2019 Exhibitor List



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1stSubsurface 1st Subsurface have collated Trove databases for all of Africa. These include Prospects and Leads, Discoveries and Fields – producing and decommissioned. For each entry there is information on the history, maps, seismic lines, correlation sections and production data. Together making up an invaluable resource. Website: https://www.1stsom.com/


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/airbus-defence-and-space—intelligence

Airbus The Intelligence programme line of Airbus Defence and Space supports all stages of the oil, gas and mineral project lifecycle. With exclusive commercial access to Pleiades, SPOT, Vision-1, DMC Constellation, TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X satellites, our products & services include regional geological studies and oil seep mapping to terrain evaluation for facilities planning. Website: http://www.intelligence-airbusds.com/


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/airbus-defence-and-space—intelligence

ALS oil & gas ALS Oil & Gas is a leading, international core analysis provider with specialist laboratories for characterising both conventional and unconventional reservoirs. Integrated services include: Wellsite Core Processing, Laboratory CT and Hyperspectral, RCA, SCAL, Geology, Geomechanics, Fluids and Geochemistry, and large scale Sample Storage and Data Management. Website: https://www.alsglobal.com/#industries-section/industries-detail

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/als-oil-&-gas/

Asset Asset Review Consulting Limited is a leading upstream consultancy company with global expertise specialising in independent in new venture opportunity screening & evaluation, due diligence technical assurance reviews & audits, FDP project management, remote coaching & peer assists and training  

Website: http://www.assetreviewconsult.com/



AustinBridgePorth AustinBridgeporth is one of the world’s leading providers of gravity gradiometry, scalar gravity, magnetic, and radiometric data. We provide acquisition, processing and interpretation services to the petroleum and mining sectors in the airborne, land and marine environments. The AustinBridgeporth team are experienced, reliable and offer an exceptional service in technology and innovation. Website: http://austinbridgeporth.com/


Benin The Benin Hydrocarbons Corporation (SOBEH) is the state-operational arm responsible for both onshore and offshore hydrocarbon exploration, development and production in Benin. Falling under the authority of the Ministry of Mines, SOBEH takes part in the state oil and gas activities and keeps active in assisting oil companies operating and/or looking to invest in Benin.
Benin is a country in West Africa, which shares its Eastern Border with the prolific hydrocarbon producing country of Nigeria, and to the West Togo. Both onshore and offshore, we have proven oil plays, attractive open acreage, vast seismic and well databases, and attractive exploration/production terms.
We welcome you to our booth to meet our friendly team from SOBEH and to discuss the many opportunities which Benin has to offer. Merci Beaucoup.
Invest in Pau Pyrenees Pau is the French capital of the Geoscience-Energy sector with a unique ecosystem of numerous companies, laboratories and research centre. This particular ecosystem fostered the development of innovative technologies and new companies.

Come to discover some of these companies with Real Time Seismic, CVA Group and GeoEspace.

We would be happy to assist you in knowing our energy economic environment, to link you to the business networks relevant to your activities and to help you in any way to set up your project.

Website: https://www.investinpaupyrenees.com/?lang=en


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/invest-in-pau-pyr%C3%A9n%C3%A9es/?viewAsMember=true

Canesis Data Ltd Canesis Data is focussed on producing an expanding portfolio of non-exclusive
seismic and well data packages from legacy data. Our emphasis is on high-quality
product at a cost-effective price. Data is available from Africa, Argentina, Canada,
Indonesia, Iran, Myanmar (Andaman Sea) and South China Sea (China, Philippines
and Vietnam).


CGG services CGG is a fully integrated Geoscience company providing leading geological, geophysical and reservoir capabilities to its broad base of customers primarily from the global oil and gas industry. Its Equipment, Acquisition and Geology, Geophysics & Reservoir (GGR) businesses bring value across all aspects of natural resource exploration and exploitation. Website: https://www.cgg.com/



Chemostrat LTD Chemostrat is the world leader in providing high quality stratigraphic services delivering regional to reservoir-scale, high resolution stratigraphic correlations. We have a comprehensive portfolio aimed at providing cost effective solutions. Our services can be offered both in the lab and in remote locations with the same high degree of professionalism. Website: https://www.chemostrat.com/


Twitter: https://twitter.com/Chemostrat



Core Laboratories Core Laboratories provides Non-exclusive and Exclusive Rock-Based Well Data, Reservoir and Regional Geological Studies incorporating: Stratigraphy, Reservoir Geology, Petrophysics, Seal Analysis, and Geochemistry.  Reports and Digital Datasets available globally, including evaluations of the East and West Africa rift and transform basins, Atlantic conjugate margin, and Libya. Website: https://www.corelab.com/ E1

DUG is an innovative, global geosciences and technology company that offers an integrated range of services: Seismic Processing, Full Waveform Inversion, Depth Imaging, Petrophysics, Quantitative Interpretation (QI),  Basin-wide Velocity Model Building, DUG Software and Hardware and DUG McCloud.

DUG has offices in Perth, London, Houston, and KL

Website: www.dug.com

Twitter: @DownUnderGeo

Facebook: @DownUnderGeoSolutions

LinkedIn: @downunder-geosolutions-group

Earthmoves We are a geological consultancy specialising in the Atlantic Margins and Salt Tectonics. Our Digital Atlases and reports help speed up exploration teams workflow. We cover all Atlantic Margins as well as the Interior Rifts of Africa, East Africa, India and the Bay of Bengal and our latest reports on Mexico and the Northern Caribbean. We also provide licence round evaluations focussing on ranking the large number of blocks on offer in Africa, including the rounds in Gabon, Angola and Equatorial Guinea. We offer field and office-based training on Salt Tectonics and The Opening of the Atlantic Margins. To find out more ask about our field trips in the Lusitanian Basin, Portugal and on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. Website: http://earthmoves.co.uk/


LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/earthmoves-ltd


Twitter: @EarthmovesLtd

Envoi Limited Envoi is a specialist independent A&D advisory group based in London, established to assist oil and gas companies facilitate the buying and selling of international upstream opportunities. Services include the management of farmouts & production sales, and an Eyes and Ears service to help clients identify new international opportunities. Website: http://www.envoi.co.uk E9
Republic of Gabon, Ministry of Petroleum and Hydrocarbons The Republic of Gabon, currently hosting its 12th Shallow and Deep Water Licensing Round, offers significant offshore hydrocarbon prospectivity in both new and proven oil plays along the margin. New commercial terms encourage new investment in Gabon’s petroleum sector offshore providing the industry with the right ingredients to make Gabon the next exploration target. The extensive data coverage in the area, both 2D and 3D, covers much of the acreage on offer, including 12 shallow water and 23 deep-water blocks on offer in the 12th License Round set to close at the end of September 2019. 18
GeoExPro GEO ExPro publishes “complex stories in simple words”​ making it one of the best read and most enjoyed geoscience magazines. Driven purely by content, GEO ExPro has something for everybody involved in oil and gas resources; from high-end geoscience articles to simple step-by-step guides to complex geophysics, industry updates & general geoscience related tourism. GEO ExPro magazine is suitable for everyone involved in the exploration, production and development of oil, gas and energy resources and is available in a format that fits your lifestyle; in print, online and across social media.


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/geo-expro-magazine

Twitter: https://twitter.com/GEOExPro

Weekly geoscience bulletin: https://www.geoexpro.com/signup

Registration Area
Geopartners LTD Based in London, GeoPartners are a highly experienced international consultancy, providing geological and geophysical services to the international oil and gas exploration industry.
GeoPartners have specialized in the initiation, development, promotion and marketing of Multi-Client surveys, both onshore and offshore worldwide. The collective members of GeoPartners have a long history of successful partnerships with governments, national oil companies and international exploration companies in developing projects worldwide. GeoPartners currently has exclusive agreements with a number of West African governments to help promote offshore exploration.
The latest project, in partnership with TGS and PGS is Jaan, a fully harmonized 3D dataset over the southern portion of the MSGBC Basin. Jaan will consist of over 10,000 km2 of new 2019 acquisition complemented by the reprocessing and full pre-stack merging of existing Multi-Client 3D data along the trend. Once complete the final Jaan 3D volume will be over 28,000 km2.
Website: https://www.geopartnersltd.com/ H7
Getech Getech provides the expertise, support and knowledge that companies and governments need to better discover, develop and manage natural resources. Our data rich-products, geospatial solutions and government advisory services help our customers to achieve their business goals of regulatory compliance and social and environmental responsibility G3
Holt Energy Advisors Holt Energy Advisors (HEA) is a specialist commercial consultancy and transaction advisory company for oil and gas based in London. The HEA team have experience of over 40 MA&D transactions in 16 countries globally valued at over $5.5 Billion as well as having marketed hydrocarbons worth over $1 Billion and worked on commercial assignments in a further 21 countries. HEA assists companies with acquisition and divestment projects from exploration through to production phase, due diligence, economic modelling and analysis, hydrocarbon sales and marketing plus commercial agreement management and strategy/portfolio consulting. Based in offices in Canary Wharf, the HEA team provides services to listed and unlisted corporate clients, national governments, joint venture groups, banks and other advisors as well as industry trade groups globally. D14
Ikonscience LTD Ikon Science develops quantitative subsurface software technology and solutions that increase the value of oil and gas reserves while reducing drilling costs and operational uncertainty. Through its RokDoc software platform and integrated data and solutions, Ikon Science brings the expertise and innovation required to build knowledge and confidence in sub-surface decision-making, predicting safer, cheaper and more efficient exploration, reservoir optimisation and drilling. Website: https://www.ikonscience.com




LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/ikon-science/

ION ION has been a technology leader for 50 years with a strong history of innovation. Leveraging innovative technologies, ION creates value through data capture, analysis and optimization to enhance a company’s critical decision-making abilities and returns.  Our offerings are focused on improving E&P decision-making, enhancing reservoir management and optimizing offshore operations. Website: https://www.iongeo.com/


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/ion-geophysical/

Katalyst Data Management Katalyst Data Management provides an integrated full life cycle data management service for all of your subsurface assets: seismic, well, projects, plus all supporting data and information. The primary solutions are iGlass, a web-based GIS portal data repository delivering organized and validated subsurface data in a secure cloud storage, and SeismicZone.com, an e-brokerage site for seismic data. Our iGlass database has been certified as PPDM Gold Compliant and now manages over 40 petabytes of customer subsurface data.

Data can be secured at any of our global data centers in London, Houston, Calgary, Perth and Kuala Lumpur, or private cloud. Katalyst is equipped to index and transcribe any type of legacy and current data format and media. With over 40 years of experience, Katalyst has consistently been able to handle the complexities of data management at a lower and sustainable cost structure than traditional methods.

Website: https://www.katalystdm.com/


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/katalyst-data-management/


Twitter: https://twitter.com/katalystdm

Lynx Information Systems Ltd Lynx Information Systems Ltd specializes in the provision of geological and geophysical data services to the Upstream Oil Industry. Established in 1989 and with offices in London and Houston, Lynx is a recognized world leader in the field of data management and digital reconstruction of legacy exploration data. Website: http://www.lynx-info.com/


Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/lynxinfosystems

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/company/lynx-information-systems/

Youtube: www.youtube.com/user/lynxinfo


OMNIS OMNIS is State owned entity acting as a regulator in the Oil sector and as such is in charge of implementing the national policy on oil and gas exploration and exploitation. In the mining sector, OMNIS is responsible for valorizing basic geological data and to assume the function of a mining promotion office. We have 42 years’ experience fostering partnerships with foreign oil and mining companies and our activities include: partnership development; technical and administrative assistance; provision of pre-requisite data for oil exploration and uranium mines in Madagascar; technical and administrative follow-up; audit; drilling; mineralogical processing and analyses; biostratigraphic, stratigraphic and sedimentological studies; geochemical and physicochemical analyses. I1
Merlin Energy Resources Ltd Merlin Energy Resources Ltd are an established employee-owned subsurface consultancy providing geological, geophysical and data management solutions throughout the E&P sector. Website: https://www.merlinenergy.co.uk/


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/merlin-energy-resources-limited/

Moyes & Co. Moyes is an upstream investment group based in Dallas with offices in Houston, London and Singapore. With a combination of technical evaluation and transaction management expertise, Moyes is uniquely positioned to help upstream oil and gas companies identify opportunities, value assets, develop business plans, secure funding, and negotiate contracts.



North Africa Research Group The North Africa Research Group (NARG) was founded in 2000 and brings together industry, academia and other local stakeholders to undertake multi-disciplinary research with a petroleum geoscience theme across northern Africa.   We have a strong track record of building regional knowledge, generating new data and challenging existing concepts. Website: http://www.narg.org.uk


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8805853/

NVentures Ltd Nventures delivers timely, detailed E&P activity reports across Africa, with valuable geological context. Working with Joint Venture partners, NVentures provides a range of reports, maps and scouting with above ground and subsurface information D15
Oolithica Oolithica has extensive experience in remote fieldwork, reservoir description and tectono-stratigraphic analysis of Africa sedimentary basins. Through an integrated multidisciplinary approach, we assist our clients during all stages of the exploration-development cycle, deriving optimal values from their datasetsNventures delivers timely, detailed E&P activity reports across Africa, with valuable geological context. Working with Joint Venture partners, NVentures provides a range of reports, maps and scouting with above ground and subsurface information F2
One&Zero one&zero provide world-class QA/QC services for wireline and M/LWD operations. Our experienced professionals work with our clients and their vendors to deliver the best possible operational performance. Innovative technology and standardised workflows enable us to achieve our three core objectives: i) Maximise data quality ii) Reduce data acquisition risk and iii) Control cost creep https:www.oneandzero.co.uk C8 +F3
Petroleum Directorate of Sierra Leone’ “Our mission is to facilitate the optimal exploration and development of Sierra Leone’s Potential Petroleum Resources for the long term benefit of its people.
Following industry consultation, the Government of Sierra Leone enacted an innovative and flexible licensing framework to assist investors in their evaluation of the significant potential of the Sierra Leone margin.
With Sierra Leone’s offshore waters now fully open to Licensing, investors can explore in shallow to ultradeep waters, with the flexibility to define both their License Areas and programs of work.Visit Booth l3 to discuss the Republic of Sierra Leone’s rich prospectivity, and the Government’s differentiated License Round structure.”
PetroStrat Limited A Stratigraphic Consultancy providing comprehensive integrated geological services. Offering full service palaeontology (micropalaeontology, nannopalaeontology and palynology) together with sedimentology/reservoir geology services (including core logging, petrography, log and image log interpretation, etc.). Specialists in high resolution, quantitative reservoir scale studies & wellsite (real time) biostratigraphic services. Website: https://www.petrostrat.com


PetroVision Energy Services PetroVision is a petroleum engineering and geoscience consultancy designed to provide integrated and specialized services to the upstream sector of the oil and gas industry. Based on wide range of worldwide experiences, PetroVision is a leading international Petroleum Consultancy, characterised by professionalism, research focus, integrity and commitment to excellence. PetroVision has provided services in a wide range of geoscience and engineering studies from exploration to full field development in different countries specially in Africa. PetroVision is willing to expand its network, learn from others experiences, demonstrate its capabilities and expand its activities specially in Africa and beyond. Website: https://www.petro-vision.com


PGS PGS is a leading, international, marine geophysical company that provides advanced subsurface images, plus 2D and 3D data, which oil and gas companies use to find and produce hydrocarbon reserves. The PGS headquarters is in Oslo, Norway and the PGS share is listed on the Oslo stock exchange (OSE: PGS). D8
RAK Gas RAK Gas’s exploration portfolio includes interests in a number of domestic and international exploration blocks. The company has minority interests in onshore and offshore blocks in Ras al Khaimah in partnership with ENI and PGNIG. It also has interests in a number of exploration blocks in Africa including Somaliland, Zanzibar and Malawi. The company is currently actively moving its international portfolio of E&P assets towards development. 12
Reid Geophysics Limited Reid Geophysics provides expert and independent consultancy on gravity and magnetic techniques for petroleum and mineral exploration. Since 1999, we have assisted clients in over 40 countries worldwide, but especially in Africa.

The company offers the following consultancy services:

• Design and commissioning of airborne, ground and marine geophysical surveys

• Client QC and processing of geophysical data, particularly airborne surveys, including gravity, gravity gradiometry (FTG and Falcon variants), magnetic, electromagnetic and radiometric

• Data enhancement for geological structure, mineral mapping and hydrocarbon delineation

• Modelling and interpretation of airborne, ground and marine geophysical datasets

• Sourcing and reprocessing of historic data

• Customised technical training and software development

Website: http://www.reid-geophys.co.uk/ F4
RISC Advisory RISC Advisory is a global, independent oil and gas consultancy with offices in London, Dubai, Perth and Brisbane. We specialise in Subsurface, facilities and Cost Estimating Due Diligence for Transactions, Asset Valuations, Reservoir Studies, Competent Person Reports, Reserves and Resource Estimation. We work with operators, banks and private equity. Visit us at Booth H1 next to the entrance to the theatre. Website: https://riscadvisory.com/



RPS Founded in 1970, RPS is a leading global professional independent services firm of 5,600 consultants and service providers. Located in 125 countries across all six continents we define, design and manage projects onshore and offshore across the asset lifecycle, that create shared value to a complex, urbanising and resource-scarce world. Website: https://www.rpsgroup.com/


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/rps-energy

SDP International Ltd. Provides exploration data: seismic (SEGY), navigation (UKOOA), well logs (LAS, TIFF, JPEG) and technical reports (PDF) covering North Africa (Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco). H4
Shearwater Geoservices Ltd. Shearwater’s modern fleet, expert imaging teams and innovative software offer exceptional results. Our Processing & Imaging department provide agile, responsive qualified experts enabling reduced costs and flexibility. The Shearwater intuitive processing software solution, Reveal offers modern, powerful and extensible, seismic data analysis. Shearwater is the cutting-edge geophysical services company. Website: https://www.shearwatergeo.com/


LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/10952652/admin/

Petroleum Directorate of Sierra Leone’ 13
SRC SRC, a specialist international upstream oil and gas consultancy with significant project experience in North and Sub-Saharan Africa, is pleased to exhibit at the Africa 2019 Conference and showcase its various regional multi-client projects in Africa, including the ongoing Oceanic Crust Exploration Project for the West African margin and the recent Morocco Seismic Atlas. SRC will also present new data from offshore Morocco showing evidence of Late Cretaceous/Early-Mid Tertiary deformation of oceanic crust off the West African continental margin. Website: https://www.subresconsult.com/ E8
Task Fronterra Geoscience Task Fronterra is the largest independent geoscience consultancy specialized in structural and sedimentological analysis of borehole image and core data, including image data processing and geomechanical analyses.  Our company has a global footprint, headquartered in Aberdeen, with further offices in Houston, USA and Perth, Australia.  The company benefits from the knowledge of a large group of experienced geoscientists. Website: https://taskfronterra.com/ E6
TDI Brooks International, Inc. TDI-Brooks Int’l is a scientific data acquisition services company specializing in multi-disciplinary oceanographic projects covering; environmental baseline surveys, surface geochemical exploration and heat flow for oil and gas, offshore survey projects including seabed geotechnical, cable route and wind farm, metocean, multi-disciplinary oceanographic and high-end environmental chemistry, renewables and marine sciences. Website:



LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/6422345

Tectosat Tectosat provides geological, structural and neotectonic mapping for regional lead definition and detailed prospect mapping using remotely sensed satellite, aerial imagery and elevation data to reduce exploration risk, whether for resource extraction or geohazard analyses. Website:
https://www.tdi-bi.comLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/6422345
TGS TGS is the world’s largest geoscience data company, known for its asset-light, multi-client business model and global data library. TGS employs approximate y 550 employees and has its corporate headquarters in Asker, Norway and its operational headquarters in Houston, Texas, U.S.A. The company’s other main offices are in Calgary, London and Perth, with further employees located in other cities around the globe. Website: https://www.tgs.com/ G10
WesternGeco Limited WesternGeco supplies comprehensive multiclient, reservoir interpretation, data processing, and other geophysical services worldwide to help our customers accelerate hydrocarbon discovery.
We collaborate with our customers at every stage of the E&P life cycle to accelerate their discoveries in basins spanning the globe. From derisking prospects to optimizing reservoir monitoring, we have the expertise, digital capabilities, and seismic data to help our customers get to first oil faster and maximize their recoveries.
Through digital technology and strategic collaborations with leading companies in cloud and high performance computing, we deliver a highly efficient, technically advanced imaging platform with cost efficiency. This is supported by our substantial global digital asset base and a wealth of knowledge and expertise that is unmatched in the industry.
WesternGeco is a key part of the Schlumberger reservoir characterization offering. The ability to integrate advanced seismic technologies with other reservoir characterization workflows provides additional insight to our customers.
Westwood Global Energy Group Westwood Global Energy Group are a leading provider of information, subscription services and research-led consultancy for the global energy industry.


Westwood Global Energy Group has been built as a new market leading brand in business intelligence and market analytics for the oil and gas industry through a combination of organic investment and targeted acquisitions.


We focus on intelligence and insight for worldwide exploration and oilfield services markets. We help clients make informed commercial and strategic decisions through a combination of proprietary data, insight and knowledge. Our analysis is independent, quality-assured and based on sector expertise throughout our organisation.


As a new leading brand in the business intelligence and market analytics space, the Westwood Global Energy Group now combines the complementary expertise, products, and services of six of the most respected names in the sector – Richmond Energy Partners, Hannon Westwood, Douglas Westwood, Novas Consulting, JSI Services and Energent Group Software LLC.

Website: https://www.westwoodenergy.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/westwood_energy/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/westwood_energy