PESGB would like to thank everyone who is volunteering their time to ensure the success of the event and the companies who have released them to support us.

Organising Committee Technical Committee

Kevin Dale – Sasol (Conference Chair)

Helen Doran – Ola Geo

Jason Sutton – Cairn Energy

Melissa Chin – Chariot Oil and Gas

Jason Robinson – TGS















Helen Doran – Ola Geo (Technical Chair)

Richard Blight – Shell

Kevin Dale – Sasol

Harry Davis – Assala

Louise Hornby –Woodside

Jerry Jarvis – Consultant

Fabio Lottaroli – Eni

Ken McDermott – Shell

Clare Glover – Exxon

Jason Sutton – Cairn Energy

Matt Warner – BP

Gavin Elliot – New Age

Bryan Cronin – Tullow

Duncan Macgregor – MacGeology

Vincent Delhaye-Prat – Total

Max Casson – Eqinor

Massimo Dall’asta – Total