Become a Sponsor

Are you looking to build your brand awareness and engage with a global audience? Sponsoring the PESGB / HGS Africa E&P Conference 2021 and/or Africa 2021 Live Event could offer the perfect platform to increase your brand visibility to a targetted group of industry professionals.

Sponsoring the virtual conference event opens new opportunities to reach a wider audience in a cost effective way, whilst sponsoring the live event is a fantastic way to put your brand in front of in-person event attendees! We have a variety of carefully designed packages available to suit your company’s needs, each with key exposure benefits for maximum return on investment. If you are looking for something a bit different, we are fully flexible and will be happy to create an exclusive package that works for your marketing strategies!



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Sponsorship Guide

So how could sponsoring this event benefit your organisation?

  • Raise your organisation’s profile by associating with a well established industry event
  • Extend your brand visibility; before, during and after the event
  • Connect with relevant industry professionals
  • Engage with key decision makers
  • Promote your brand to a targetted audience and PESGB’s wider industry network
  • Advertise across multiple platforms, including the PESGB Magazine, event website and social media channels
  • Align your company with the PESGB and HGS
  • Create a positive brand image by supporting PESGB’s charitable aims




Interested in supporting the PESGB/HGS Africa E&P Conference 2021 or the Africa 2021 Live Event? Please contact to discuss your interest and any ideas you may have.