Virtual Networking

Africa E&P Conference’s high-quality technical programme attracts delegates from all over the world and reflecting the high-quality technical content, 50% of the audience is G&G, with 20% of the audience identifying themselves as C-level executives. There are numerous opportunities to meet fellow delegates, including the following;



Join our Morning Coffee Breaks at 11:30am on day 1 and 11:00am on day 2 for a casual chat with some other attendees before sessions start
                                Break the ice! Utilise this topic in the “Community” tab to get to know other attendees, and add your own fun fact to get the ball rolling
Private messaging 1:1 or in a group message could help build bridges with other, like-minded industry specialists
                                                                         Visit exhibitor profiles find out more about company activities and get 1:1 contact with their representatives